Medical Support


Medical Support for a Healthier Tomorrow

Do not harm yourself or others.”’ Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Welcome to Afghan Relief’s Medical Support Program

In Afghanistan, where access to medical care can be scarce, Afghan Relief is committed to filling this vital gap. Our Medical Support Programs are designed to provide immediate and long-term healthcare solutions to the people of Afghanistan, ensuring healthier lives and communities.

The State of Healthcare in Afghanistan: A Snapshot

**One doctor for every 5,000 people**: The healthcare system is stretched thin.

**Up to 60%** of the population lacks easy access to basic healthcare services.

**Child mortality rates** remain among the highest in the world.

These sobering statistics demonstrate the critical need for medical support in the region.

Why Medical Support?

In alignment with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, who encouraged health and well-being and discouraged harm, Afghan Relief’s Medical Support Programs address immediate healthcare needs while laying the groundwork for sustainable medical infrastructure.

Our Projects

Mobile Clinics

We operate mobile clinics to reach remote and underserved communities, offering free consultations, medicines, and basic treatments.

Maternal and Child Health

We provide prenatal and postnatal care, vaccinations, and educational sessions on family planning and child nutrition.

Surgical Camps

Our periodic surgical camps address more serious medical issues, including cleft lip and palate surgeries, cataract removal, cancer treatment and orthopedic procedures.


We offer remote consultations and second opinions for complex cases through partnerships with medical professionals and clinics globally.

Medical Training

We provide training programs for local healthcare workers, and medical students improving the standard of care in the long term.

Mental Health Support

Understanding the psychological scars of conflict and poverty, we offer counseling and mental health services.

How You Can Help

“Do not harm yourself or others.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Your contributions help us procure medical supplies, run mobile clinics, and train healthcare workers.


Sponsor a surgical camp or a mobile clinic, making a significant impact on a community.


If you are a healthcare professional, your skills could literally save lives.


We invite organizations and individuals in the medical field to collaborate with us.